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The Sword of The Lord

Category: Education
Duration: 01:08:01
“The Sword of the Lord”
Jesus said He came to send a sword 🗡️ , to separating between families members. What did He mean? In this message I attempt to explain…

Sunday, 20th. August, 2023
Mission Poitou-Charentes

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Jesus Thy Cross is Sweet to Me*

1. Jesus, Thy cross is sweet to me,
This blessed place of rest;
Abiding here brings liberty
From all that once distressed;
All my condition, so hopeless and stubborn,
All the despair that ensued;
Jesus, my Lord, I die in Thee,
In Thee I rise renewed.

2. Lord, my disease was unto death
And could not be improved,
So Thou hast given Thy death to me
With all its sting removed.
Oh, what release, so long longed for!
My soul mounts up on wings!
Here, where all earthly hopes do cease,
The new creation springs.

3. Sentence of death I bore within,
And bear continually;
Glorious hope! No ground for sin
Shall remain in me.
Dust returns again to dust
And can appear no more;
Love returns again to love,
Ever to endure.

4. Jesus, Thy cross is given to me,
A gift unspeakably great;
Nothing but this could remedy
My accursed state.
Now from the curse Thou hast provided
This way of escape alone;
This is a way that all may go,
This is too hard for none.

Carol Jerman (*1971 © The Horton Trust)