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Dispensationalism - the Heresy that Caused the Current Cultural Defeat of the Western Church

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Here is a link to books recommended by John Alley on the topic of end times/eschatology:

The Heresy that Caused the Current Cultural Defeat of the Western Church.
The last hundred years, says John Alley, have seen the spiritual demise of the nations that constitute the West. These nations were formerly based in Christianity but in more recent times have become culturally polluted and corrupted. The remaining nations of the world, on the other hand, have seen a burgeoning growth of Christianity.

John links the current condition of the West to the rise of the doctrine of dispensationalist. With the growth in popularity of this doctrine a large percentage of Christians changed what they believed and chose instead a very pessimistic view regarding end times and the ultimate outcome for the Church. A a result, says John, the Western Church has become emasculated, materialistic and increasingly self-centred. John goes on to explain the nature of the true Israel, the law and the consequences of wrong beliefs. This message will provoke serious thinking on the part of the listeners as well as hope for the future.